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1 3/4″H X 1 3/4″P X 2 1/2″F X 8’L CROWN MOULDING

1 3/4″H X 1 3/4″P X 2 1/2″F X 8’L CROWN MOULDING
1 3/4″H X 1 3/4″P X 2 1/2″F X 8’L CROWN MOULDING
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There are many great reasons for installing crown mouldings in your home. Crown moulding is one of the ways to set your house apart and increase its value. Crown mouldings showcase your own unique sense of style. Crown mouldings simply reduce finishing costs. Crown mouldings offer you the opportunity to design and create the home you have always imagined!

Crown mouldings also are very functional. Just like our baseboards & casings, crown mouldings can be used to conceal the gap between your ceiling and wall. Mouldings also serve when paint and wallpaper are put together. Mouldings also can be used to emphasize contrasts between the same materials. Installing mouldings can help significantly reduce the finishing costs in your home.

In order to purchase the right quantity, measure your room to determine linear footage of crown mouldings needed. Second, add 10% – 15% of total length for miter waste. Then, divide total linear feet by 8 to determine total moulding pieces. Round up the number of pieces needed to determine total number of crown moulding lengths you will need to purchase. Consider adding additional length to your purchase to “match the pattern” of crown molding, ensuring a consistent appearance. You can finish (paint or faux finish) crown moulding after installation.

Our urethane crown mouldings don’t chip, splinter, rot, or get any unwanted critters in them. Unlike the plaster crown mouldings or gypsum crown mouldings, the urethane crown mouldings are lightweight and easy to install, not as fragile. These crown mouldings are pre-primed & ready for paint or stain. Our crown mouldings designed for interior and exterior use. Please email or call us for any questions, we are happy to assist you!

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